Deadbolt Locks

How secure is your apartment or vehicle? Does your typical lock guarantee the security you desire? If not, it is high time you purchased a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock offers top-notch protection over the standard bolts. Interestingly, a door not fortified with deadbolt locks attracts burglars. Deadbolts are locks that functions by the turning mechanism of a key or knob and are devoid of springs. They offer a distinctive locking system that withstands force, kicks, and manipulations that are intended to pry open doors. It would be best if you had the deadbolt lock to shield you from burglars and petty thieves. Various types of deadbolts exist. Surprise-locksmith24 has put together a few of the deadbolts which are available in the market as well as their importance for you.

Deadbolt Locks

Types of deadbolts

Various kinds of deadbolts exist for you to choose from in the public domain. Some are keypad operated; remote regulated, fingerprint reader and knob turn. Though they offer topnotch security, they could be very costly. Some of them include;

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Single Cylinder deadbolt is an unsophisticated lock type which possesses a key cylinder on the side of the lock and a knob on the other. The locking and unlocking mechanism is from the inside of the bolt and can be done without the use of a key. The single cylinder deadbolt is typically placed at the essential entrance of the apartment. It may not be an ideal bolt for doors that have breakable glass area near the thumb turn. A burglar can damage the class to turn the knob behind the door to gain access into the apartment

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The double cylinder deadbolt is designed with key cylinders oriented on both sides of the lock and lacks a doorknob. Irrespective of the position- inside or outside, you can only open the door with a key. This unique feature of accessing the apartment from outside and inside makes the double cylinder deadlocks more daring to homeowners than the single cylinder bolts. The double cylinder deadbolt bars burglars from accessing the apartment from outside, but if there are no keys in the events of a fire outbreak or other emergencies, no one can exit the building hence; it could pose a severe threat to lives and properties. As recommended, this bolt type should be placed on glass doors.

Keyless entry deadbolt

This bolt type is keyless. It makes use of a numeric keypad with a combo of a unique password to fasten and unfasten the door. It seldom arrives with a remote control which could send signals to close or turn the door ajar. Predominantly, it is found in cars. In some situations, the locking mechanism of the keyless entry deadbolt can be unfastened with a key. This means that though keyless, some arrives with keys. Aside from the uses in cars, they are also useful for safety purposes. It is battery operated and so can malfunction if exposed to moist. It is expensive but reliable.

Other deadbolts include electronic locks, smart locks, rim deadbolts, vertical deadbolts, mortise deadbolts, and the digital deadbolts.


Importance of a deadbolt

For safety to lives and properties, it is essential that you consider the deadbolt locks. Important reasons which give the deadbolt an edge over other bolts are scheduled below:

  1. The unique fastening mechanism including the metal lock guards and strike plates of the deadlock guarantees all-around security from attacks.
  2. Unlike common locks which could be unfastened with crowbars, saws, knife, and other conventional materials, it is practically impossible to do this on the typical bolts could deadbolt locks.
  3. It is highly technical and requires a sufficient amount of time to burgle. The burglar stands a high probability of being spotted
  4. They are tagged as grade 1 lock and finished with heavy metals for maximum strength and rigidity.