Lockout Service

Quick & Professional Surprise Lockout Service – Available 24/7 

You are locked out! Now what? Before you do anything else, call an expert lockout service who will come to you immediately, get your door unlocked without leaving any damage and even provide you with a new set of keys if necessary!

We come to you to assist with:

  • Lost Keys
  • Stolen Keys
  • Locked Keys Inside Car, House, or Office
  • Locked Keys Inside Vehicle with Engine Running
  • Key Broken Off Inside Ignition or Door

If any of the above situations just happened to you, it’s time to pick up a phone and call the nearest skilled expert lockout service provider who can handle car or home lockout emergencies.

Surprise Lockout Service


Lost or Stolen Keys

Your keys are lost! You know the frantic feeling of looking everywhere to find your keys. After you’ve retraced all of your steps and patted down your pockets or searched the bottom of your purse or bags and there are no keys to be found, it’s time to take a deep breath and call someone who will show up quickly to help! Our professionals are able to cut a new set of keys on the spot or provide you with a new lock installation or locks re-keying services to leave you safe and secure.


Locked Keys Inside Car, Home or Office

As soon as you shut your car, house, or office door, and realize that your keys are locked inside, it’s time to call Surprise Locksmith 24. Something probably distracted you as you shut the door and heard it latch only to realize your keys are not in your hand, but rather, they are locked inside. Now what? You need to get that door unlocked so you can get inside and retrieve those keys without leaving damage to your locks or doors – damage that insurance won’t cover because it happened as an attempt to break into your car, home, or office to get your keys.


Locked Keys Inside Vehicle with Engine Running

This is probably one of the most urgent emergencies for locksmiths to handle. Perhaps the only one that would be more urgent is if a child or pet is trapped inside the locked vehicle. Don’t panic! Instead, call for help before your car runs out of gas. When you are locked out of your car, the dispatcher will ask for your car make and model so they will be able to get you the services you need for your specific vehicle without wasting any time with your car lockout service needs.


Key Broken Off Inside Ignition or Door

Snap! That is never a pleasant sound when it happens while turning your key. You turned the key like you normally do, but this time it snapped and broke with part of it lodged inside the lock. Get Help Immediately! – Call Surprise Locksmith 24 to handle your Lockout Service Emergency!


The best time to call a locksmith is before you need us! Be prepared, and call today to find a local, mobile locksmith you can count on when you need help during a lockout emergency!

We will be by your side in no time to get you back safely inside your home or office or back on the road again behind the wheel and with a working key in hand!