Panic Device

Panic Device for Commercial Property

Commercial property owners need to take extra care of their buildings by choosing very specific types of locks. One of the extremely common types of lock that most commercial property owners prefer to install is the panic device also known as a panic bar. So, if a commercial property does not have a panic device installed already, it’s never too late! You can call a professional locksmith and get one right now!

What is a panic device?

A panic device is basically a metal tumbler lever lock that is installed in a commercial building in order to have safe and a quick exit during an emergency situation. A number of commercial property owners install a panic device within their premises. You might have come across restaurants, hotels, salons, bars, and many other commercial properties where these panic devices are quite in use.

Panic devices work really swiftly. In an emergency situation, you have no clue regarding what should be your next step and you are in a state of bother. However, a panic device just requires a simple nudge due to which the door will open and you can exit, saving yourself and others from any kind of disaster.

Also, a few of the panic devices come along with an alarm system so that no unauthorized person can access it!

At the end of the day, you are recommended that you call some professional and highly enthusiastic locksmith team that will install a panic device. Plus, the team will make sure that the panic device actually works when it’s needed the most!

Alongside a panic device, you need to have a proper evacuation plan ready on your table. The panic device is necessary. Side by side, a solid plan is also mandatory!

Panic Bar

Is it a necessity to install a panic device?

Yes, definitely! How can you risk the lives of people coming to your premises?

A few of the building regulations also include the clause to have a panic device installed. So, basically, a panic device is a necessity. The power and aura of a working panic device cannot be ignored at any cost. It not only increases the safety of the entire space. Rather, it provides huge satisfaction to the customers coming into your space. They will come to your space, knowing the fact that the space is completely safe, and if something bad occurs, they can evacuate with the help of a panic device.

In my opinion, schools and other educational institutions must have a panic device installed. A school is an area where there are hundreds and thousands of kids studying. They don’t actually know how to handle an emergency situation.

So, as a caring and humble management, your first and foremost step should be to install a high-quality panic system.


For installing a high-quality panic system, call a competent team of locksmiths, and get one installed without any delays. Improve the security of your commercial place and make sure that every of your customer is satisfied!