Panic Device

Panic Device for Commercial Property

Commercial property owners need to take extra care of their buildings by choosing very specific types of locks. One of the extremely common types of lock that most commercial property owners prefer to install is the panic device also known as a panic bar. So, if a commercial property does not have a panic device installed already, it’s never too late! You can call a professional locksmith and get one right now!

What is a panic device?

A panic device is basically a metal tumbler lever lock that is installed in a commercial building in order to have safe and a quick exit during an emergency situation. A number of commercial property owners install a panic device within their premises. You might have come across restaurants, hotels, salons, bars, and many other commercial properties where these panic devices are quite in use.

Panic devices work really swiftly. In an emergency situation, you have no clue regarding what should be your next step and you are in a state of bother. However, a panic device just requires a simple nudge due to which the door will open and you can exit, saving yourself and others from any kind of disaster.

Also, a few of the panic devices come along with an alarm system so that no unauthorized person can access it!

At the end of the day, you are recommended that you call some professional and highly enthusiastic locksmith team that will install a panic device. Plus, the team will make sure that the panic device actually works when it’s needed the most!

Alongside a panic device, you need to have a proper evacuation plan ready on your table. The panic device is necessary. Side by side, a solid plan is also mandatory!

Panic Bar

Is it a necessity to install a panic device?

Yes, definitely! How can you risk the lives of people coming to your premises?

A few of the building regulations also include the clause to have a panic device installed. So, basically, a panic device is a necessity. The power and aura of a working panic device cannot be ignored at any cost. It not only increases the safety of the entire space. Rather, it provides huge satisfaction to the customers coming into your space. They will come to your space, knowing the fact that the space is completely safe, and if something bad occurs, they can evacuate with the help of a panic device.

In my opinion, schools and other educational institutions must have a panic device installed. A school is an area where there are hundreds and thousands of kids studying. They don’t actually know how to handle an emergency situation.

So, as a caring and humble management, your first and foremost step should be to install a high-quality panic system.


For installing a high-quality panic system, call a competent team of locksmiths, and get one installed without any delays. Improve the security of your commercial place and make sure that every of your customer is satisfied!

Master Key System

Master Key System

Master Key System

A master key system is a layered security protocol that consists of cylinders and locks that allow different key groups and holders to gain access into specific areas of a building.

Put simply, a master key system is a lock system that is structured to be unlocked by a designated key or keys, and can also be unlocked with a master key.

Our locksmiths at Surprise Locksmith 24 install and build suitable master key systems for your commercial property. Once you contact us, our locksmiths work with you to design a master key system that best fits your needs. We offer on-the-spot master key system installations for office and apartments – saving you a lot of money in the process.

Is Master Key System the Solution?

Our technicians are readily available to provide answers and solutions to any master key related questions you might have. If you are considering having a master key system installed or you are wondering if it is the best choice for your property, our locksmiths will carry out an appraisal of your apartment building and provide valuable information on the importance of installing one, and any of its potential drawbacks.

Master key systems can fit into an extensive range of residential and commercial properties including:

  • Government institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment buildings

Master Key SystemBenefits

Master key systems offer a great level of convenience, allowing business owners have access to all the doors in an apartment with a single key, rather than carrying different keys along for individual locks. Installed properly, master key systems can be customized to fit the specific needs of a building. It is not only convenient, but it is a cost-effective lock solution.

Types of Master System Keys

  • Change Key: Also known as sub-master key, this key-type unlocks only one or two totally identical locks. Without a master key system, a change key can be referred to as a regular key.
  • Master Key: This key-type can unlock all the locks a change key can unlock plus some locks with higher level of security.
  • Grand Master Key: This key-type can unlock several master keys and door locks within the system.
  • Great Grand Master Key: This key type can unlock all the grand master key locks, master key locks, and change keys under it.

The security system you have installed at your apartment building or business is crucial to the level of confidence you have when returning to the property. Our locksmiths at Surprise Locksmith 24 can help you design, install, and maintain customized master key systems to ensure only those with authorized access can gain entry into your property. We make use of industry-approved computer systems, allowing for future expansion and adjustment where necessary. Call us at (623) 414-4270 for a comprehensive solution to your security needs.

Locked Out

What to do when you are locked out

Locked Out? 

Finding that you have lost your keys, they have been stolen, or you have locked them inside your vehicle or home upon shutting a locked door is never a pleasant experience. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it is bound to happen eventually. Here is what to do when you are locked out of your vehicle, home, or office.

Spare Key

The best case scenario is that you have a spare key waiting for you in the hands of a neighbor, friend, or family member whom you had previously entrusted with it just in case you ever needed it. Hopefully, this neighbor, friend, or family member is available when you need to retrieve the key because you are locked out. If not, there are still some things you can do to get back inside and to safety.

If you live with a roommate or other family members who have a spare key, call them to have them let you in. Of course, this will definitely inconvenience them and throw off their schedule and plans as well.

If you are a renter, contact your landlord or head to the apartment manager’s office. Of course, unless you know the apartment manager well, you will need to have proof of identification available to show. If this is locked inside with your key, you may have a problem getting them to hand over the spare key.

Locked Out

Gain access thru the window

Maybe there is a window you left unlocked. If so, remove the screen, lift up the window, and work your way inside. Hopefully, the window opening is large enough for you to fit through and you don’t have an alarm system to trigger in the process, and always be careful of falling if the window is located at a high or awkward place.

Lock picking

You can try to pick the lock yourself. Of course, unless you are skilled at this, you will probably damage your lock, and the credit card or whatever you used to shimmy the lock open, in the process. Also, this method only works on spring bolt locks.

Remove the lock

Another method that will most likely leave damage to the door is to remove the door knob itself. To make this method work, you will also need a small object like a bobby pin and a screwdriver as well as a lot of strength to work the door knob loose enough to remove it.

Keyless lock

Have a keyless entry system installed if you tend to lose your keys often. From here on out, all you will have to remember is the passcode to get inside.


Call A Locksmith for Lockout Service

Another option is to call a locksmith. Many people wait until all else fails before considering calling a locksmith. Save yourself some wasted time and possibly leaving damage to your locks, and have a trusted locksmith’s number ready to use for just such an emergency. If you have previously researched reliable locksmith companies in the area, you will be able to contact a trusted professional who will be there and have you back inside in no time, with a spare key in your hand, and leaving no damage to your locks.

Don’t panic when you find you can’t get into your home, office, or car. Instead, know what to do when you are locked out. When you are in need of a locksmith in the Surprise, Arizona area, call the professionals at Surprise Locksmith 24 to come to you to get you back inside to safety quickly.

Locksmith Near Me Surprise AZ

Locksmith Near Me

When looking for locks and key help nearby, first ask, “which professional is the best locksmith near me?” Before you find yourself in a locks and key emergency, such as stranded next to your locked car roadside or in a dark parking lot unable to open up your car door, or outside of your home or office building, it’s good to have a qualified technician on call. Understand why a locksmith nearby makes a big difference.

When Local Isn’t Really Local

Don’t be fooled by clever advertising or phone listings that make a locksmith appear to be local when really they are being dispatched from a national call center, possibly miles or even states away. They will be relying on a map or GPS to find your location, so they won’t know streets to bypass heavy traffic or construction like locals know to get to you in a hurry.

Find a locksmith who is really nearby by checking out a few locksmiths before you find yourself in an emergency. Find a trusted professional whose services you will be assured of when you need it most. Locate a qualified locksmith who will be able to show up at your location in a hurry, at the very most half an hour and preferably 15 minutes or less.

Locksmith Near Me

Fixed in a Hurry

A qualified local locksmith near me should arrive in no time properly stocked with the necessary tools and equipment to get your job taken care of quickly. A nearby professional technician will be able to get your day back on track again quickly.



Because a local locksmith nearby is close to your location, they are able to keep their costs within your budget and they also not only know the area’s average locksmith rates, but they live in the community and understand the cost of living.



These nearby professional locksmiths also have years of experience and knowledge about improving your home security. These expert technicians live in the area, so they also have an interest in keeping it safe and will be able to find which locks are perfect for your budget and durable enough for your specific needs. Neighbor to neighbor service means, you won’t need to replace or repair locks often.



Finding a locksmith you can trust who is nearby means you never have to worry about needing a locksmith. You know who to call. It also means that should something go wrong, they are close by to solve the problem. A local professional will also have the motivation to serve with excellence, since they are not a stranger dispatched from a faraway call center, but rather, they are your neighbors.


Don’t Wait

Call today to find a locksmith nearby whom you will be able to trust to call when you have lost a key, need your locks changed or repaired, or have a key broken off inside a car’s ignition. Get replacement keys for your home, car, or commercial property made on the spot, and have a spare key ready to use in no time. Most importantly, when you ask all of the right questions, like “Where is a qualified locksmith near me?”, you establish a professional relationship with a trusted technician you will be able to call when you need locks and keys help.